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The Inti Raymi is the most multicolored festival in Peru!.. Reserve you seats in the best section…

Inti Raymi is the biggest festival of the Incas that still is celebrated in the city of Cusco in Peru; is celebrated in honor to the Sun. The Festival alluring land of colorful diversity and grandeur shines; with countless fairs and festivals that reflect the vivid culture and unique cultural traditions of this charismatic country.

Festival of  Inti Raymi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness; the fairs and festivals offer magnificent experiences to cherish forever. Inti Raymi or the festival of the “Sun God” was celebrated by the Incas every winter solstice; It symbolizes the marriage between the Sun God and his human sons.

Celebration of the Inti Raymi is performed in the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman where is performed the ritual to the Sacred fire, the ritual to the sacred “Chicha” and the Llama sacrifice. The Inti Raymi is the main festival in Cusco; it is one of the biggest festivals in Peru. This festival is the longest of all the festivals celebrated in Peru. Cities and markets are filled with crowds buying new cloths and other stuff. Many animals like: Hens, guinea pigs, sheep and others are sale in a traditional food named “Chiri Uchu”.

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Inti Raymi in Quechua means “’feast of the sun”, This festival was an Inca ceremony celebrated in honor of the Inti (Sun) every winter solstice (24 Of June, in the southern hemisphere). The present inhabitants of Cusco, with the presence of national and foreign visitors, continue to carry out this tradition.

During the time of the Incas, Inti Raymi was instituted by the Inca Pachacutec in the 1430s, as part of its political-administrative reorganization of the Inca state, and was a ritual to legitimize imperial control over the subjugated peoples. The Inti Raymi was one of the major festivals celebrated in honor of the sun in Cusco. Why in Cusco? Because Cusco was the capital of the Incas and it was considered as the center of the universe.

The Inti Raymi festival is the best in Peru because everybody participates doing different things although this is celebrated in the southern part of Peru many people travel to Cusco to taste the famous dish named “Chiriuchu”. If you are planning to see the culture, tradition and wonderful landscapes them Cusco and its festivities is the right trip for your holiday.

Description of Inti Raymi Tour

The Inti Raymi is a festival takes place on June 24th in the city of Cusco in Peru; this festival is performed in 3 parts: At Qorikacha, the main square and the most important is in the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman. Inti Raymi is the celebration of the God Sun, the most venerated god in Inca religion. Festival is celebrated to market the winter solstice that is the beginning of the year for the Inca calendar.

On June 24, the entire center of Cusco city is closed to regular traffic including local buses and taxis. Only approved tourist vehicles are allowed to transport tourists from Cusco to Saqsayhuman. If you are attending Saqsayhuman independently, then you can expect to walk to Saqsayhuman from Cusco, which takes approximately 1 hour with the increased crowds and street vendors you’ll encounter along the way.

The Inti Raymi Tour Program

START: 09:00 a.m.
Temple of the Qorikancha (Av. El Sol).

CEREMONY: 10:30 a.m.
Plaza del Hawqaypata (Plaza Mayor of Cusco).

Chukipampa Esplanade – Sacsayhuaman.

Date of celebration

On June 24, every year the winter solstice is celebrated, in other words the beginning of the Andean New Year

Places of Staging of the Inti Raymi

On June 24, the festival in honor of the Sun god, is performed in the presence of the Inca, the “Willaq Uma” or High Priest, Tarpuntay, Wirapirikuq and Kallparikuy, as well as the nobles and representatives of the Important Inca Panacas, for which three stunning historical and natural settings
For the Inti raymi participate more than 500 actors, it is performed in three places, Qoricancha, Plaza de Armas, Saqsayhuaman.

1.- Qorikancha – First Act

It was the most important Inca temple consecrated I honor to the Sun. here the festival begins at 8:00 am; when appears the Sinchi (General of the Inca Army); then the Imperial Army and then the Accllas (women chosen); follow the t’ika t’aqaqkunas (women who throw flowers to the ground for the passage of the Inca) and the pichaqkunas (men who clean the ground), all to the son of pututos, quenas, tinyas, where the Inca and his wife (Qoya) appear, followed by his royal entourage and the nobility, accompanied by the high priest (willaq Umu), the Inca in ceremony makes an offering to the god, and then they go to the Plaza de Armas de Cusco

2.- Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas – Second Act

The Inti Raymi festival continues in the main square, there an altar is erected, it is precisely the sinchi and his guard arriving, inspecting the place and ordering the entrance of the army and the musicians, “La Qoya” (wife of the Inca) enters in walk, accompanied by the Aqllas and Ñustas, followed by the nobility and finally by the majestic inka.

From the Usno (The altar); the Inca gives a special greeting to the sun god; performs the coca rite, throws the three sacred leaves in an offering and asks the high priest to divine the will of the sun; is supported by the kuraq akulliq; this informs that the god will be kind to him Inca and the flame is sacrificed (auquénido native) in his honor, then they go to Saqsayhuaman.

3.- Saqsaywaman Fortress

The third act is the most important and impressive, takes place in the esplanade of the fortresses of Saqsayhuaman; at approximately 1.30 pm. To the compass of the pututos, quenas and tinyas enters the Sinchi accompanied by four officers of his guard, it goes to the Usnu (ceremonial platform) as always it revises these facilities, after the good entrance enters the army, the different committees of the four his four places of the empire), when a pututo performed by a chaski enters the great inka, received by the sinchi and his guard.

Location of the seats for Inti Raymi Tour

Location in the Inti Raymi

Featured Inti Raymi Tours


Full day Tour
PLACES TO VISIT: Inti Raymi festival at Koricancha the main square and Sacsayhuaman (Orange zone)…

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5 days / 4 nights.
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The Inti Raymi Video

Photo Gallery

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Tickets Price Info

Costs of the Inti Raymi entrance for 2019

The costs of the Inti Raymi are usually variable according to each year this is the EMUFEC stable (Municipal Celebration Company Cusco), this company is a state agency belonging to the Municipality of Cusco it is responsible for organizing all the celebrations for the anniversary of Cusco and the Inti Raymi 2019.

Central ceremony of the Inti Raymi will take place in the esplanade of Saqsaywaman, Cusco, in whose space there are tribunes of appreciation with capacity for 3,859 spectators.

EMUFEC will sell tickets for the Inti Raymi 2018 on its official website.

Prices for the tickets are:

Inti Raymi

Tickets price for Inti Raymi 2019


Inti Raymi Location

Traditional Tour Map of the Inti Raymi Tour





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