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Lake Titicaca Tour 2 Days

Lake Titicaca Tour is a wonderful two-day tour in the region of Puno – Peru; where the highest navigable lake of the world is situated. The Lake Titicaca Tour begins once we pick you up from your hotel in Puno and head to the lake port to take the motorboat and travel toward the Uros Island, then to Takile Island; where we’ll hike through the ancient Inca Trail observing the Inca terraces used for agriculture; after that, we’ll continue toward the Amantany Island; where we’ll have accommodation in a conditioned family house. The next day, we’ll explore the picturesque island then we’ll  return to Puno.

The Lake Titicaca is the most sacred place when it comes to Inca religion and mythology; as it was here that the first Inca king, Manco Capac and his wife Mama Ocllo, was born by the Sun God – Inti. Manco would create the Kingdom of Cusco, thus beginning the Inca Empire.

Our Lake Titicaca Tour has been emerged as a very new concept in the Peru’s tourism industry. Peru is normally popular in the world for the adventure travel, white water rafting and great jungle trips, staying at the specially built resorts or the self-pitched tents. A brand new concept of village tourism where the guests – you would be taken to unspoiled villages where you spend a few days living with the local people and being treated as honored family guests.

While staying in the villages, you enjoy comfortable accommodation, delicious local food and drink and a welcome that will remain a happy memory for a lifetime. Local attractions, both scenic and cultural are shown. Many of these villages are close to unspoiled natural areas where wildlife may be seen undisturbed. The traditional culture of the different ethnic groups is a highlight of all village visits. These warm and friendly people are always ready to perform their music and dance and to give an insight into their religion. Examples of local handicrafts will be on display, and for sale, to guests.

Lake Titicaca Tour

Explore the picturesque island sof the Lake Titicaca in the region of Puno in Peru


Lake Titicaca Tour Overview

Two-day Lake Titicaca Tour is available for everybody; we run our tours all year around . As far as the origin of the name Titicaca goes, it remains mostly a mystery. Two possible translations for the name are “Rock Puma” and “Crag of Lead. The deepest point in the lake is some 930 feet. It is found on the larger side.

The average depth of Lake Titicaca is 350 feet, and perhaps due to the coverage of the surrounding snow-covered peaks, the lake’s waters are generally quite calm. When it is cloudy, the lake takes on a sort of grey colour, but when the sun is out, its soft blue tone makes for a truly beautiful setting.

The water of the lake comes from a combination of rainfall and melt water. Glaciers in the mountain chain and throughout the “Altiplano region” feed five major rivers that end at the lake. Some 20 other smaller rivers also feed into the lake, and due to the sources, the water is quite cold. Suffice it to say that unless you somehow fall out of a tour boat, you won’t be swimming here. One of the more curious Lake Titicaca facts has to do with its number of islands. There are 41 of them, and a good amount of people call them home.


  • Guided Lake Titicaca Tour.
  • Uros Island
  • Takile Island
  • Amantani Island


TIMING: 2 days and 1 night.
DEPARTURE DATES: Daily Departure group service and private service.
TYPE OF TOUR: Cultural and History.
TRANSPORT: Motorboat.
DIFFICULTY: Does involve some narrow trails amongst Island like: Uros, Takile and Amantani, so sturdy footwear is required to help you enjoy it fully.
HOTEL OPTIONS: We use 3-star hotels if you would like higher level, please let us know.
MY OWN ROOM: If you are a single traveler and would prefer to have your own single room throughout this trip, please be sure to advise us during the online booking process (Extra US$ 25 per night).


Daily departure
From: US$ 80 Per Person
Group Service


Day 1: Amantani Island

We’ll pick you up from your Puno hotel and transfer you to the lake port and travel by motorboat to explore the Island in the Lake.

Day 2: Puno

Early breakfast and hike to the higest point of the Amantani Island to see the sunrise over the Lake and then return to Puno.

Full Itinerary and Inclusion



The two-day Lake Titicaca tour starts with the pick-up from your hotel in Puno at 07:30 a.m and head to the port of Puno where we’ll board the boat that took us to the wonderful floating islands of the Uros.

During the time we’re gonna stay in Uros, we will visit native families, schoolhouses, souvenir shops and can even ride in one of his little reed boats, then we will go in our boat to Takile island walk through it; This island is inhabited by Quechua-speaking natives who have developed an efficient work in community and every family to help each other; after lunch, we’ll continue in our boat to Amantani 3,800 masl.

At Amamtani island, we’ll have a magnificent panoramic view of the evening and have accommodation at the family home, dinner and overnight at Amantani (shared bathrooms, no hot water).


After breakfast, we’ll explore Amantani, located at an altitude of 3,800 masl. Wi will visit the famous pre-Inca temples Pachamama and Pachapapa, these temples are dedicated to the fertility of the land and ceremonial rituals are offered there.

This island also is inhabited by Quechua-speaking natives still ruled by their ancient traditions, whose main business is the production of ceramics and textiles. After our visit, we will have the typical lunch of fresh fish (Trout), in the afternoon, we’ll descend to the port for our boat to take us back to Puno.


  • All scheduled land and lake transportation. All transfers.
  • One overnight accommodation in Amantani Island with a local family.
  • All scheduled excursions with English-speaking guide services.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Meals: 2 lunches, 1 breakfast and 1 dinner.

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