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Each part of Peru has its own cultural setting. Tradition, religion, belief, language, social organization and people are the important aspects of culture in Peru. Sacred pilgrimage sites, historical monuments and memorials reflect richness of Peruvian culture. As our professional multilingual guides take you on cultural tours to Machu Picchu, you will gain invaluable insight into the Incas lifestyle. Experience the cultural enchantments of Machu Picchu with us depending on your time availability – within a day to over a week.

The Inca City of Machu Picchu

In 1911, while involved in a search for Vilcabamba, the last Inca capital, located at 100km beyond Machu Picchu, Mr. Hiram Bingham went down the Urubamba Valley asking for reports as to the whereabouts of ruins.

After reaching the sacred valley of the Incas where he visited Ollantaytambo and Patallacta he continues on down the valley over a newly constructed government trail. So lofty are the peaks on either side that although the trail was frequently shadowed by dense tropical jungle, many of the mountains were capped with snow, and some of them had glaciers. There is no valley in South America that has such varied beauties and so many charms. The great granite precipices, some of them 2,000 feet sheer, and a dense sub-tropical jungle; it has also many reminders of the architectural achievements of a bygone race.

The roaring rapids of the River Urubamba are frequently narrowed by skillfully constructed ancient retaining walls.
One week after leaving the city of Cusco he arrived at a little plantation called Mandorpampa. Where Mr. Bingham meet to a family of Mechor Arteaga alocal family His occupation consisted in selling grass and pasturage to passing travelers and in occasionally providing them with ardent spirits. He said that on top of the magnificent precipices nearby there were some ruins at a place called Machu Picchu, and that there were others still more inaccessible at Wayna Picchu, on a peak not far distant from our camp.

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