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The best trips for exploring Machu Picchu

As Machu Picchu is the most impressive XV century Inca build and now is the new wonder of the world, attracts thousands of visitors every year. Machu Picchu is located at 112km from the city of Cusco at an altitude of 2,400m/8,050 fts. What makes very special is the geography, the mountains and the wonderful biodiversity.

Here are the most iconic travel experiences that should be on every visitor’s wish list for Machu Picchu.

1. Walk in the Inca Trails

The high-altitude Mountain range of Vilcabamba has a rich natural and culture and highlights that offer superb trekking destinations like Machu Picchu. It is a chance to see a way of life that hasn’t changed for centuries.
Sunrise Peru Trek has an escorted 2-day and 4-day Trekking to Machu Picchu all included and most meals. The trekking is from moderate trekking to challenge trekking.

2.- Machu Picchu Day Trip

Is the most rapid way to visit Machu Picchu, it’s for travellers without much time; this tour is by train that begins at 4:00 and ends at 8:00pm the tour includes all necessary things

3.- Machu Picchu Luxury Tour 2 days

A beautiful way to experience the iconic Machu Picchu with a overnight in the town of Agua Calientes, Tis trip includes one day take the train to the town of Agua Calientes and the next day explore full day the Inca Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. During this trip is normally included a nice hotel in the town of Agua Calientes.

4.- Machu Picchu By Car 2 Days

Is more adventure trip to Machu Picchu but is wonderful; this trip takes you by the high pass of “Abra MAlaga” at 4,600m from where you’ll be rewarded by splendid views. The trip runs from the Andes to the tropical region of Peru.

5.- Machu Picchu & Huaynapicchu Tour 2 days

Short trip to Machu Picchu with option to climb the mountain of Huayna Picchu; this trip takes you one day travel by train to the town of Agua Calientes and in the afternoon you can explore this scenic town; the next day you’ll explore Machu Picchu and then climb the mountain of Huaya Picchu from where you’ll enjoy the wonderful views of the mountains that surround Machu Picchu.

6.- Machu Picchu Sunrise Tour 2 days

And other short trip but this trip includes the sacred valley of the Incas; the sacred valley of the Incas is a nice and fertile valley where you’ll visit the local markets and explore the Inca ruins of Pisaq and Ollantyatmbo. Includes a nice hotel in the tow of Agua Calientes and the next day very early you’ll visit Machu Picchu and enjoy the quietness of the zone.

7.- Machu Picchu Adventure Tour 5D

The 5-days Machu Picchu Adventure Tour start and ends in the city of Cusco. Cusco city is connected with Lima the Capital of Peru by several daily flights. The firsts-flight arrives to Cusco at 5:00am and the last flight is at 8:00pm, for now there are five airline companies operating in Peru. This trip include a short trekking to Machu Picchu

8.- Machu Picchu Classic Tour 4D/3N

A wonderful four days trip in the region of Cusco where you’ll have the option to experience the unique tour to the cultural and natural heritages of Peru; the tour starts and end in the city of Cusco; you’ll visit the city of Cusco travel through the sacred valley of the Incas and explore the Inca sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

9.- Machu Picchu Explore 5 days

A mix of attraction offer this trip In Peru, starting in the city of Cusco travelling through the sacred valley of the Incas, visiting Machu Picchu and exploring the wonderful “rainbow mountain” in this trip is included 3-stars category hotel

10 .-Machu Picchu Express Tour 5 days

11.- Machu Picchu Cultural Tour 6D/5N

12.- Machu Picchu Magic Tour 5D/4N

13.- Machu Picchu Peru Tour 6 Days

14.- Machu Picchu Amazon Trip 7 days

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