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Trekking Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 5D

Trekking Inca Trail is idle program for the traveler who wish and willing to seek destination with limited budget. This trip is where many trekkers all around the world who love to seek many destinations with their limited amount of budget; the Trekking Inca Trail in the national park of Machu Picchu is one of the most visited and charming trekking destination among trekking routes in Peru. The Trip is a highly praised, globally appreciated and outstanding trekking trail in the Machu Picchu region of Cusco – Peru.

The Trekking Inca Trail is special trek among the classical trails to the Inca sanctuary of Machu Picchu. The entire Inca Trail consist chain of peaks and amazon tropical including Salkantay, Pucapunta, Waqhaywillky, and other picturesque peaks. This Adventure package combines your trekking with some unique culture and has opportunity to meet the famous Machu Picchu while getting to know the culture and tradition of the Incas.

This Trekking Inca Trail itinerary takes you along with an opportunity to get insight into life of the Incas. Some of the major highlights of this trek are explore the Mysterious Inca sites along the route and the Iconic Machu; an Inca holy site built on the top of the Mountain at 2,400m; which was discovered at 1911 by an American explorer Mr. Hiram Bingham.

Trekking Inca Trail



TIMING: 5 days and 4 nights.
DEPARTURE DATES: Daily Departure group service and private service.
TYPE OF TOUR: Trekking, Cultural and History.
DIFFICULTY: The Inca Trail is rated from moderate to challenging hike, so sturdy footwear is required to help you enjoy it fully.


is fully-portered trek where your comfort is our prime responsibility; we make sure that you get the best experience of your holiday while you interact with the locals. Explore and rediscover remote ancient Inca buildings; learning some Quechua words and history.

Take in the stunning landscape surrounding you and simply feel one with mother nature, while we carry your gear, prepare your meals, set up your tents avoiding crowded campsites and take care of all your requirements. At “Sunrise Peru Trek” we


Day 1: Get Huayllabamba camp

At 05:30 a.m, we’ll pick you up from your hotel in Cusco and we’ll travel in our private bus to 82km or Pisqhakucho (starting point of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu); Then, we will trek for 11km, 6 hours approximately; we will visit the Inca ruins of Patallacta.

Day 2: Trekking over 4,200m

Today will be the hardest day because we’ll climb up to the highest pass (dead woman pass 4,200 masl); we will trek 11km, eight hours approximately.

Day 3: Explore the cloud forest

Exceptional day because we will trek through stunning mountain scenery; we will visit Runkuraqhay and Sayacmarka Inca ruins. Today, we will trek 13km eight hours approximately.

Day 4 –  See the sunset at Machu Picchu

Trek through the cloud forest; we will visit Phuyupatamarka and Wiñaywayna Inca ruins; the trek of today will be 10km seven hours approximately.

Day 5: Explore Machu Picchu

Today will be dedicated to exploring this extraordinary Inca treasure – Machu Picchu. In the afternoon, we will return to Cusco and you will be transferred to your hotel.



DAY 1: Cusco (3,400 masl) – Pisqhakuchu (2,750 masl) – Wayllabamba (3,000 masl)

The five day Trekking Inca Trail begins with an early pick-up from your hotel and we’ll leave Cusco at 06:00 a.m in a private transport toward Pisqhakucho (km 82) the starting point of the Inca Trail 5 days; this journey will be for 3 hours and half and we will pass many small town. 1 hour and 45min after we will arrive to the town of Ollantaytambo where we will stop to use toilets and you also can purchase some items for the trek.

From Ollantaytambo, we’ll continue the bus trip for one more hour to Pisqhakucho (2,750 masl) where we will meet our camp crew: the chef, cook helper and porters.

The porters will carry most of our staff for the trek; you must carry you day to daybag with snacks, water camera and enjoy the beauties of the Inca Trail.

We’ll pass the control point and climb up for five minutes and then the trail continues undulating for three hours until Patallacta (up town) with presence of different types of Cactus and some agricultural fields;  Patallacta is a stunning Inca ruins that contains many Inca terraces that the Incas used to cultivated corn.

From Patallacata, we’ll continue through Cusichaca Valley for two hours until Hatunchaca (long bridge) zone were our lunch will be served. After the Lunch, we’ll continue one hour gentle up to Wayllabamba community (3,000 masl). Here, you can purchase water and snacks; here also will be our Camp.

  • Meals Included: L – D.
  • Accommodation: Double occupancy camping tent.
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,000 m.
  • Minimum Altitude:  2,750 m.
  • Distance Travelled: 11 kilometers.
  • Approximate walking time: 6 – 7 hours.

DAY 2: Wayllabamba (3,000 masl) – Dead Woman Pass (4,200 masl) – Pacaymayu (3,600 masl)

Early breakfast and we’ll start the hike at 07:00 a.m through “Huayruru Valley” up toward the “Abra Warmihuañusqha” (Dead woman pass 4,200masl); the highest point of the Inca Trail ; from where we will be rewarded by stunning mounting scenery.

It is important to leave early so that the high temperature does not make it more difficult than it has to be, during the trek the landscape changes from mountain chain to Puna, having the chance to see domesticated llamas and alpacas grazing on Ichu: one of the few plants that grow at that altitude.

From the camp of the Inca trail, we’ll continue through the cloud forest with presence of rivers and some waterfalls until you arrive to Llullucha zone (3,800); here, we will have small lunch because we have continued ascent; after the lunch, we’ll ascend by many steps, most of then put up recently to protect the mountain from the erosion.

The second section will take you 2 hour and half approximately until the pass. Once you arrive to the pass, you will be rewarded with splendid views down several valleys and up many mountains some of them covered with snow. From the pass, we’ll continue down to Paqhaymayu camp (3,600 masl).

  • Meals Included:  B – L – D.
  • Accommodation: Double occupancy camping tent.
  • Maximum Altitude: 4,200 masl.
  • Minimum Altitude:  3,000 masl.
  • Distance Travelled: 11 kilometers.
  • Approximate walking time: 7 – 8 hours.

DAY 3: Pacaymayu (3,600 masl) – Phuyupatamarka (3600 masl)

We’ll leave the camp at 07:00 a.m and we’ll continue ascending toward the second pass; we will stop at the ruins of Runkuraqhay (Round shaped balcony) which probably where used by the Inca massagers or runners; Runkuraqhay is located at 3,800 masl; from here will take us and other 1 hour and 45 min to the second pass (4,000 masl).

From the pass, in clear weather, you can look back to the Dead Woman’s Pass and forward to a breath-taking sweep of snow-capped peaks. These include the 6,500 masl Pumasillo (Puma’s Claw) massive. From here, most of the trail is downhill or gently undulating until we reach the impressive ruins at Sayacmarka.

After Sayacmarka, another 20 minutes bring us to Chakicocha where our lunch will be served. Then, we’ll continue gently undulating stone paved trail through beautiful landscape, we’ll also pass the Inca tunnel of 10 meters long and get to our third campsite at Puyupatamarca, the nicest from where we can see Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu Mountain.

  • Meals Included: B – L – D.
  • Accommodation: Double occupancy camping tent.
  • Maximum Altitude: 4,000 masl.
  • Minimum Altitude:  3,600 masl.
  • Distance Travelled: 13 kilometers.
  • Approximate walking time: 7 – 8 hours.

DAY 4: Phuyupatamarka (3,600 masl) – Wiñaywayna (2,600 masl) – “Aguas Calientes” (2,000 masl).

Today, we will get up early and enjoy the sunrise over the mountains and observe the majestic Apu of Salkantay (6,271 masl) one of the highest mountain of the region of Cusco.

Then, we’ll start the trek through the long stone steps which will lead us to Wiñaywayna (young forever), where we will find the biggest archaeological site of the Inca Trail , and consists of an extraordinary Inca terraces used for agriculture, After our visit, we will continue gradually up toward “Inti Punku” (Sun gate) from where we can see Machu Picchu.

From “Intipunku”, a short trek brings us down to the entrance from where we will take the bus down to the town of “Aguas Calientes” and you will have accommodation in the hotel. In the evening, you can go to relax in the natural hot spring and be ready for the next day.

  • Meals Included: B – L – D.
  • Accommodation: Double occupancy camping tent.
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,600 m.
  • Minimum Altitude:  2,400 m.
  • Distance Travelled: 10 kilometers.
  • Approximate walking time: 7 – 8 hours.

DAY 5: “Aguas Calientes” – Machu Picchu – “Aguas Calientes” – Cusco

Early breakfast and we’ll board the first bus up to Machu Picchu where we’ll begin a complete guided tour of the extraordinary Machu Picchu that will be approximately 2 hours.

After the tour, you will have free time to relax or walk around, where one can experience spectacular views of all Machu Picchu, the valleys and mountains that surround, in the afternoon, we will meet in the town of “Aguas Calientes” for lunch and then we will take the train to return to Cusco arriving there after nightfall.



All necessary things for this tour:
TRANSPORTATION: Private bus from Cusco to Km 82 starting point of the Inca Trail To Machu Picchu, bus down and up from Machu Picchu to the town of “Aguas Calientes”, tourist train expedition class from “Aguas Calientes” to Ollantaytambo, transfer to your hotel.
  ENTRANCE FEES: To the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu.
Meals: 4 breakfasts, 4 hot lunches, 4 hot dinners, we offer vegetarian option if you request, we provide available boil water each morning for your water bottles.
  GUIDES: Licensed bilingual tour guide (2 guides over 8 people)
  GENERAL PORTERS: For camping equipment, food and kitchen gears.

  EXTRA PORTER: To carry your personal items (6kg) in duffel bags that we provide. You must carry your daypack.
  CAMPING EQUIPMENT: We provide four people capacity tent for two people, brand new four season tents; Therm-a-rest, dinning room tent, kitchen tent, toilet tent, seats, tables, tent for the porters, kitchen gear and backpacks, warm clothes and life insurance for the porters.
  ACCOMMODATIONS: 1 night in “Aguas Calientes”. If you would like a private room there is an additional cost of US$20.00.
  OTHER ITEMS: First-aid kit, oxygen bottle.


Meal: Lunch on last day; you must consider a budget from US$15 to US$20 we will assist you at these issues.
  Sleeping Bag: Can be rented in our office for US $20 for the entire trek. Tips for the staff.



 Expedition Class US$
 Vistadome class US$
 Hiram Bimgham class 


Our Tents
 Inca Trail Tents

Our tents are 4-people capacity tent; we provide for 2 person during the Inca Trail trek

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Trekking Inca Trail

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