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Lake Titicaca Tour 2 Days

Lake Titicaca Tour


From Hotel to Hotel
$ 80 Per Person
  • All Required Transportation
  • Tour Guide + Hotel
  • Entrance fees

Lake Titicaca Tour is a wonderful two-day tour in the region of Puno – Peru; where the highest navigable lake of the world is situated. The Lake Titicaca Tour begins once we pick you up from your hotel in Puno and head to the lake port to take the motorboat and travel toward the Uros Island, then to Takile Island; where we’ll hike through the ancient Inca Trail observing the Inca terraces used for agriculture; after that, we’ll continue toward the Amantany Island; where we’ll have accommodation in a conditioned family house. The next day, we’ll explore the picturesque island then we’ll  return to Puno.

The Lake Titicaca is the most sacred place when it comes to Inca religion and mythology; as it was here that the first Inca king, Manco Capac and his wife Mama Ocllo, was born by the Sun God – Inti. Manco would create the Kingdom of Cusco, thus beginning the Inca Empire.

Our Lake Titicaca Tour has been emerged as a very new concept in the Peru’s tourism industry. Peru is normally popular in the world for the adventure travel, white water rafting and great jungle trips, staying at the specially built resorts or the self-pitched tents. A brand new concept of village tourism where the guests – you would be taken to unspoiled villages where you spend a few days living with the local people and being treated as honored family guests.

While staying in the villages, you enjoy comfortable accommodation, delicious local food and drink and a welcome that will remain a happy memory for a lifetime. Local attractions, both scenic and cultural are shown. Many of these villages are close to unspoiled natural areas where wildlife may be seen undisturbed. The traditional culture of the different ethnic groups is a highlight of all village visits. These warm and friendly people are always ready to perform their music and dance and to give an insight into their religion. Examples of local handicrafts will be on display, and for sale, to guests.

Two-day Lake Titicaca Tour is available for everybody; we run our tours all year around . As far as the origin of the name Titicaca goes, it remains mostly a mystery. Two possible translations for the name are “Rock Puma” and “Crag of Lead. The deepest point in the lake is some 930 feet. It is found on the larger side.

The average depth of Lake Titicaca is 350 feet, and perhaps due to the coverage of the surrounding snow-covered peaks, the lake’s waters are generally quite calm. When it is cloudy, the lake takes on a sort of grey colour, but when the sun is out, its soft blue tone makes for a truly beautiful setting.

The water of the lake comes from a combination of rainfall and melt water. Glaciers in the mountain chain and throughout the “Altiplano region” feed five major rivers that end at the lake. Some 20 other smaller rivers also feed into the lake, and due to the sources, the water is quite cold. Suffice it to say that unless you somehow fall out of a tour boat, you won’t be swimming here. One of the more curious Lake Titicaca facts has to do with its number of islands. There are 41 of them, and a good amount of people call them home.


2 Days /1 Night


Adventure trip


Spanish, English


Family House

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Tour Payment Details

We will require a non-refundable tour deposit of the 40% per person. The deposit can be sent by a WESTERN UNION or to our BANK ACCOUNT by money transfer. This is the fastest and most secure form of payment in Peru. The money transfer should be in the name of “SUNRISE PERU TREK TOUR OPERATOR E.I.R.L”. Once you arrive in Cusco, you must pay the remaining balance in cash prior to beginning your tour. We accept both US Dollars and Peruvian Soles (local currency).


Upon arrival to Cusco, we will give you a pre-tour talk (briefing) of the tour in your hotel. the time will confirmed once you arrive to Cusco


Why not arrange your own departure? For you and your party, we can offer tailor-made private departures for any of our published tours enabling friends, families or organizations to enjoy our style of travel at special rates. Tailored itineraries and departure dates can be chosen to suit your needs. Contact us to: sales@sunriseperutrek.com

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