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Our Team

The people, who work for SUNRISE PERU TREK, have a great deal of experience in the region of Machu Picchu Cusco. We are an experienced and dedicated team who share the goals and objectives of the company and have a common aim to help you, the traveler, make the most of your time in Peru.

We are proud of Peru and want to share it with you. We are familiar with every destination trip that SUNRISE PERU TREK offers and we provide highly efficient and professional service to make your trip a once in a lifetime experience.  We offer the best possible quality and price of service.  We want to be your travel and tour support service.

The SUNRISE PERU TREK team is highly trained in every aspect of tourism provision, from customer service and care to local knowledge and travel. Our guiding team has great experience in trekking, mountain survival, culture and local customs. All our guides speak English and are certified by the government.

Sunrise Peru Trek Guides

Sunrise Peru Trek Guides are incredibly knowledgeable about where they are from and passionate about what they do. They are an integral part of our business; truly dedicated to ensuring all of our customers enjoy themselves and experience an unforgettable holiday. Remember the people shown are only a selection of our guides. We have many more that look after our customers and make sure they have the most amazing holiday.

Our Guides’ experiences and interests go beyond merely exploring Inca temples. You’ll find them a wealth of information on nearly aspect of your tour; local culture, language, history, food, plants and animals, weather, and geology.  Many of them are also professionals in other fields, including archaeology, history, geology, photography, video, and writing; skills they’ll be happy to share with you. Most importantly, everyone on our staff realizes that you, the client, are the reason we do what we do at SUNRISE PERU TREK.


Thousands of people walk the Inca Trail to Machupicchu every year and the unique idea is to complete the 45 km of distance in 4 days. For many the experience is a trip of a lifetime and the realization of a personal ambition. The fulfilment of having completed the trek and arrive to Machupicchu (the Incan santuary) is hard to beat.

However the feeling is even better if you know that all the porters helping you along the way have been well watched after and treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Every year porters die unnecessarily on the job; Porters are often considered among the lowest social positions within the community and too frequently are exploited by their employers who pay poor wages and do nothing to improve the working So is the answer to avoid using porters on your trek? No. If you act responsibly and choose an ethical company.


Mauro Pedraza
CEO/Managing Director

Mr. Mauro Pedraza is the Managing Director of “Sunrise Peru Trek”. He has traveled several countries promoting his business, such as Argentina, Chile, Germany, Holland, Suzie and more. His travel experiences have taught him valuable lessons within tourism. After familiarizing himself with the international standards of services and facilities in tourism, he opened “Sunrise Peru Trek” with the view of providing a similar level of service with reasonable prices for any itinerary in the majestic Machu Picchu in Peru

Having trekked numerous times in different heart-touching places of Peru, as well as holding a valid license as a professional trekking guide, Mr. Mauro, being well experienced and well reputed, understands the needs of his clients. Moreover, more than anything, he wants people to experience and enjoy the region that holds a special place in his heart, Machu Picchu.

Henrry Chauca (Community Project Manager)

Diana is in charge of our community projects. Diana was born in Arequipa and moved to Cusco in 1998. She worked as a tourist guide in Arequipa in The Colca Canyon. She has climbed Misti Volcano and many mountains in the region. She has worked in many areas of Tourism and has also worked as a teacher in several Public Schools. She understands the real problems in education and social projection.

Nancy Cusihiaman (Office Manager)

Nancy was born in Cusco and is in charge of our main office in Cusco. She is probably the person you’ll meet when you come to our office to make your trek payment and receive your trek briefing. She studied Tourism and she has experience working in this area.

Nay Ruth (office assistant)

Nay Ruth was born in Cusco. She helps Hilton with the camping equipment and helps deliver sleeping bags and porters duffle bags to your hotel the night before the trek. He studied accounting and works in our main office checking and receiving payments of our porters.

Hilton (camping assistant)

Hilton was born in Cusco and has worked as a cook on the Inca trail. He is in charge of the camping equipment for the tours. Jose is studying tourism to be a guide at American Institute.

Our Guides:

Mauro Pedraza, Freddy Torres, Jorge Carrillo, Willington Calderón, Yamil Puelles, Alvaro Madera, Percy Calachahui and Wilfredo Farfán.